Super Pro-Bio 75 Billion Bio-Max Hypoallergenic

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  • Description
    Super Pro-Bio 75 Billion Bio-Max Hypoallergenic

    Food Supplement with Probiotics

    An ultra-strength eight-strain probiotoc!
    Super Pro-Bio™ 75 Billion is Kirkman’s ultra-strength intensive care probiotic formulation containing eight strains of probiotic organisms that colonize and adhere to the gastrointestinal tract, thereby helping support intestinal health, good intestinal flora and immune response.  This formulation contains in excess of 75 billion organisms, which makes it one of the most potent probiotic formulations available to the increasing number of physicians who are trying intensive probiotic products to aid in gastrointestinal support.

    Super Pro-Bio™ 75 Billion is in our Bio-Max Series of products that utilize many ingredients that have been clinically shown to be among the best absorbed and bioavailable.

    The probiotic strains in this product have been carefully chosen to offer maximum stability, maximum adherence, and maximum long-term colonization.  Four strains of Lactobacillus organisms, two strains of Bifido, plus Streptococcus thermophilus enhance the colonization aspect of Super Pro-Bio™ 75 Billion. 

    The formulation per capsule consists of:
    * Lactobacillus rhamnosus -- 15.0 billion CFUs
    * Lactobacillus acidophilus -- 15.0 billion CFUs
    * Lactobacillus casei -- 1.5 billion CFUs
    * Lactobacillus plantarum -- 7.0 billion CFUs
    * Bifidobacterium bifidum -- 15.0 billion CFUs
    * Bifidobacterium lactis -- 21.0 billion CFUs
    * Streptococcus thermophilus -- 1.1 billion CFUs
    For a total of 75.6 billiion CFUs.
  • Ingredients
    1 capsule contains: % NRV*
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus 15 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Lactobacillus acidophilus 15 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Lactobacillus casei 1,5 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Lactobacillus plantarum 7 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Bifidobacterium bifidum/lactis 15 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Bifidobacterium lactis 21 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.
    Streptococcus thermophilus 1,1 x 10⁹ KbE n.a.

    * NRV = Nutrient Reference Value



    Bacterial preparation, Capsule Cellulose, Supporting agent Inulin, Bulking agent Cellulose, microcristalline, Anti-caking agent Silica, Anti-caking agent Magnesium salts of fatty acids, .

  • Recommendation for use


    1 capsule daily; as needed up to 2 capsules daily.


    Keep refrigerated.

    Gluten Free

    Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Do not exceed stated dose.

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