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Unless otherwise specified, to all events the following applies:

  • Participation is free of charge.
  • As the number of seats is limited, participation cannot be granted without prior notice (registration). — We wish everybody to be comfortably seated, and all participants shall have the opportunity to get their questions answered.
  • Our events do not aim to promote any specific product or brand. — Instead, we invite expert lecturers/instructors to share their knowledge about particularly beneficial or harmful substances, and to help you understand their mechanisms of action within the human body.
  • Recommendations for specific products are only given when specifically asked for.
  • Ever interested person is welcome, regardless of whether you are or would become a Cenaverde customer.

Chronic inflammation – a perpetual motion machine

intestinal inflammation, cardio-vascular diseases, rheuma und allergies

Klaus-Dietrich Runow (environmental physician and author of several books)

Expert speaker: Klaus-Dietrich Runow (environmental physician, author of several books)

Dates and Locations

Sorry, this series of lectures has finished in September.

There are currrently no additional events planned.