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Unless otherwise specified, to all events the following applies:

  • Participation is free of charge.
  • As the number of seats is limited, participation cannot be granted without prior notice (registration). — We wish everybody to be comfortably seated, and all participants shall have the opportunity to get their questions answered.
  • Our events do not aim to promote any specific product or brand. — Instead, we invite expert lecturers/instructors to share their knowledge about particularly beneficial or harmful substances, and to help you understand their mechanisms of action within the human body.
  • Recommendations for specific products are only given when specifically asked for.
  • Ever interested person is welcome, regardless of whether you are or would become a Cenaverde customer.

Chronic inflammation – a perpetual motion machine

intestinal inflammation, cardio-vascular diseases, rheuma und allergies

Klaus-Dietrich Runow (environmental physician and author of several books)

Expert speaker: Klaus-Dietrich Runow (environmental physician, author of several books)

Event Organizer: Supplementa in cooperation with the Institute for Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine (IFU) and the team of “Gesundheitliche Freiheit”

Detailed information on this series of lectures can be found in the event description provided by the organizer or in the respective flyer (printable leaflet, pdf-download). If you have any questions (topic? booking? anything else?), your are of course welcome to call our Cenaverde hotline.

Dates and Locations

  • Mai 3rd 2019 in Köln/Cologne (Maritim Hotel)
  • September 6th 2019 in Hamburg (Sofitel)
  • November 1st 2019 in Berlin (Hotel Bristol)
  • Dezember 13th 2019 in München/Munich (Bayerischer Hof)