The company Cenaverde B.V. was founded 1998 by Bernd Esser and Wolfgang Grünholz.
Just 20 years ago, German therapists had significant difficulties to find high-quality food supplements. Luckily, a steadily growing circle of orthomolecular-therapists and naturopaths encouraged the company founders of Cenaverde to make use of their network in the US to offer access to a broad range of orthomolecular substances.
High value has been set on quality and purity when selecting manufactures and types of products for the Cenaverde product range. From the beginning, Cenaverde only offers supplements from recognized US manufacturers that are subject to quality control by the US health authorities. Cenaverde offers only products free of allergens and artificial colors.
Art.: C8210
39,95 €  / 90 K
Base Price: 475,60 € / 1 kg
Art.: C6055
37,40 €  / 60 K
Base Price: 2.493,33 € / 1 kg