Natural Cosmetics


Why do we offer the natural beauty products of Aubrey Organics?

A healthy lifestyle includes a closer look at how we nourish our body – which applies to both oral intake and external application.

When choosing personal care products, the ingredients play a crucial role. The use of only natural ingredients offers many advantages, not least that they ensure a healthy form of personal care by dispensing with synthetic substances and raw materials based on petroleum. Aubrey Organics skin and hair care products completely dispense with the cheapest synthetic and petrochemical ingredients found in most conventional products.

Almost one-third of commercial bulk care products contain one or more ingredient that is classified as potentially carcinogenic. Therefore, let us be aware that these products already pose risks in their application as a single product. However, most people use a variety of personal care products on a daily basis, so the risk adds up accordingly.

A personal care product use survey of more than 2,300 people, conducted by the Environmental Working Group found that adults in average use 10 personal care products per day (this includes skincare, hair care, toothpaste, shaving cream and other products), exposing about 146 chemical ingredients. About one-fifth of women surveyed said they would use up to 15 personal care products daily. Learn to read the ingredients of the products you buy – you will be surprised by some of the ingredients that are processed in so-called “natural” products!


Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics, a company based in Tampa/Florida manufactures natural beauty products since 1967. The pioneer in natural beauty products makes the cleanest formulas, hand-crafted using only the purest botanical ingredients nature has to offer. 

The range of skin and hair care consists of purely natural, high-quality care substances such as wild rose oil, sea buckthorn, algae extract and aloe vera.

The tradition of company founder Aubrey Hampton continues to thrive today; only the purest, highest quality oils, extracts and hydrolates, if available in organic quality, are used and combined to form unique synergistically acting personal care compositions.

Every single product bears witness to the art, competence and over 50 years of experience in the production of extraordinary natural cosmetics.



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