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Vitamins are organic molecules that are essential for body functions. We require them for our growth, vitality and well-being.


While there is a growing understanding that the intake of vitamins is important for maintaining and restoring health, the minerals and trace elements are still a shadowy existence in this regard.

Amino Acids

Proteins are indispensable for our lives and crucial for all body functions. As our body cannot store proteins, we have to feed our bodies every day to ensure an optimal task fulfilment.

Essential fatty acids

For most of us, dietary fats are a source of unneeded calories. Nevertheless, fats are necessary as they form the main energy reserve in the body.


Enzymes help the body to digest food and absorb nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and plant fibres. Therefore, our body needs enzymes to function properly. We do not only need them for healthy digestion, but for all metabolic processes. “Enzymes are substances that make life possible.


The importance of an intact intestinal flora cannot be overstated. Fortunately, today, we have many opportunities contributing to the care and maintenance of the intestine as for example through nutrition. Foods with probiotic bacteria, fibres and fibre from whole grains and vegetables as well as sufficient exercise keep the intestines intact.

Vital substances

The scientific findings on the effects of bioactive food components have increased drastically in recent years. So far, it has been mainly the interest about the health significance of vitamins and minerals, but now also herbal substances are in the focus of interest, which are referred to as “phytochemicals”.

Cleansing treatments & greenfood

Today, most people’s bodies are challenged with an overloaded body detoxification. This is not least because of a large number of pollutants our organism has to deal with caused as a result of industrialization.