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About Cenaverde

The company Cenaverde B.V. was founded 1998 by Bernd Esser and Wolfgang Grünholz.

Just 20 years ago, German therapists had significant difficulties to find high-quality food supplements. Luckily, a steadily growing circle of orthomolecular-therapists and naturopaths encouraged the company founders of Cenaverde to make use of their network in the US to offer access to a broad range of orthomolecular substances.

High value has been set on quality and purity when selecting manufactures and types of products for the Cenaverde product range. From the beginning, Cenaverde only offers supplements from recognized US manufacturers that are subject to quality control by the US health authorities. Cenaverde offers only products free of allergens and artificial colors.

In 2003, an additional core business competence has been introduced: the expansion of a product range for people with a special need for food supplements, such as persons suffering from autisms, ADHD and multiple intolerances. Focusing on the special requirements regarding nutritional demand, the companies Kirkman, BrainChild and New Beginnings offer a wide product range to their customers.

For the couple Esser, the pharmacist Mr. Bernd Esser and pediatrician Dr. med. Brigitte Esser, it is highly important to support children with autistic diseases which is the reason why they founded together with Silvia Gottstein the initiative “Hands”. The main goal of “Hands” is to create a forum for parents of diagnosed children, diagnosed autistic people, therapists, scientists and physicians have the possibility to exchange experiences and thoughts. This forum aims to connect interested people with an expert tailored to their needs.

The consulting expertise of Cenaverde has been established throughout many years of experience and intensive cooperation with patients, doctors and scientists all over the world.

From practice for practice

In order to consistently being able to adapt the Cenaverde product range to the requirements of practical use, the team takes part in worldwide congresses.

Our strengths are knowledge and flexibility.

founders of Cenaverde

Why Cenaverde?

There are a number of good reasons for choosing Cenaverde as your most trusted dietary supplement supplier, in particular for those with special nutritional needs due to autism, ADHD, food (or: food additive) intolerances and environmental diseases.

Despite intensive research, the cause of autism has not been found so far, which is the reason why doctors call it an “autism spectrum disorder”.

In 1943, psychiatrist Leo Kanner described autism as a discrete disorder that includes mental health issues, specific behavioral patterns, and a variety of physical symptoms. In the following years, psychiatrists noticed physical symptoms as a consequence of the mental illness which is why they excluded the treatment.

Bernard Rimland, the father of an autistic son and psychologist himself, found that the treatment of physical symptoms can reduce or eliminate the specific behavioral pattern in autistic people. This finding marked the birth of biomedical treatment. The “Defeat Autism Now (DAN!)”-Movement began. Since then, many parental self-help groups who are mainly based in the US, are seeking treatment approaches for their children with the help of doctors and scientists.

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) in San Diego is collecting research data as well as reviews of parents about the various treatment strategies. The evaluation of these results shows that a treatment strategy based on the optimization of the metabolism, immunomodulation, nutrition and detoxification in autistic diseases is extremely effective.

More life quality through targeted food supplements

The following points are to be considered when treating autistic diseases:

A diet that avoids and reduces food allergies

Food supplements including vitamins and minerals

Food supplements with omega-3 fatty acids

Dietary supplements with digestive enzymes

Dietary supplements with probiotics

Cenaverde offers a wide assortment of products for these particular nutritional needs, such as products of the following companies:

New Beginnings
Brainchild Nutritionals
Houston Enzymes
Nordic Naturals
Klaire Labs