In general, enzymes are helping the body to digest food and absorb the nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and plant fibers. Our body needs enzymes to function properly. We not only need them for healthy digestion, but for all metabolic processes.

Enzymes are the substances that enable humans to live and are essential for all chemical reactions that take place in the human body. Without the presence of enzymes our body would not be able to function. Neither vitamins, minerals nor hormones can function without the presence of enzymes.” says Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer of enzyme therapy.

Dr. Fuller emphasizes in his book “The healing power of enzymes”, the need of enzymes for our digestion and the whole functioning of the body:

Eighty percent of our body’s energy is consumed through the process of digestion. When we are exhausted and stressed, our body needs enormous amounts of extra enzymes. As our entire system is run by enzymatic activity, we must complement enzymes. Doctors state that diseases are caused by a lack or imbalance of enzymes which is why they are essential to our life!

Digestives enzymes – digestion is using energy of the body

The highest priority of the body is to ensure adequate nutrition so that all body systems can function. However, this requires an intact digestive system. The current nutritional diet of many people usually contains very little enzyme from raw food, so that the body needs to produce an increased amount of enzymes on his own. This costs the body a lot of energy and explains why an increased number of people is suffering from digestive problems and consistent tiredness.

Enzymes are made out of proteins, and proteins are essential for our life. If we do not digest our proteins properly, we lack the necessary building blocks for our life, sufficient energy levels and good health.